Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 31, 9 WEEKS TO GO

This is a close-up of week 31 pregnancy pic.
Full length week 31 pic
We all enjoyed a very fun and hot weekend! Jason and I went hiking Sat morning, but it ended up being a little hot for me, so we didn't hike for too long.
I will add some photos that we took shortly(I need J to help me). We had a great grill-out with the other inters and have also really been making the most of the pool, located steps away from us :)

Baby H is doing well, she is still active, but certainly smaller movements than before and more definite sleep patterns. Since, I wasn't able to see my doctor after my ultrasound last week, I will be going in for my check-up on Wednesday instead.

This week our lil girl continues to gain fat, which helps her regulate her body temperature. She has been able to suck her thumb for some time now and her lungs continue to develop. Her hiccuping(she does a couple times a day) has also been useful for practicing breathing and lung development. From this next week on, she should be gaining about half a pound per week! Her estimated weight from last week Tuesday was 3 lbs 8 oz at week 30!

Will keep you posted on our appointment on Wednesday, but praise God again for the healthy ultrasound and good weight estimate from last week!

COUNTDOWN: 9 weeks to go!

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