Monday, May 18, 2009

Rhubarb pie and getting ready!

Jason wanted to make Rhubarb pie to take to work before we left for San Antonio, so we scoured and searched the local farmers market, but to no avail!

A couple days later, we went to our local Meijer grocery store and 'voila' we found some!
Here are a couple pics of the process of making rhubarb pie :)

Finished pie with egg glaze

cute up rhubarb piecesrhubarb!
I tried to get the babies stuff all nice and organized and labeled before we left, so that it's all ready for when we return.
this is her bookshelf
'play area' in our converted living room
some of her stuffed animals and toys! co cute!
the mouse was mine from when I was little-from my Granny!

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