Monday, May 11, 2009

My first Mother's day!

Jason and I have both been pretty busy so far this week, I've mainly be cleaning, packing and organizing! Getting ready for Texas and also trying to have everything ready in the apartment for when we get back with baby Haas!

Sunday, Jason treated me to a wonderful Mother's-to-be breakfast in bed(french toast with strawberries and cream) with a beautiful card!
Here is a pic for baby H's 'corner' where her stuff and playpen/sleeping area will be when she comes back, the room is now a baby/computer/guest/futon room!
yikes, multi-purpose!

It was so nice to be able to unpack some of her stuff and get it ready and organized(we still have a bunch of clothes in a bin, but that will be for when she's a little older- we are so blessed that we don't need ANY more clothes 'till she is at least a year or older!)
Here is week 26
I got this lovely baby swing from my boss-love the animal theme and matches our new stroller/travel system too!
our SUPER WONDERFUL stroller that Pa and Ma Mulder got us! SOOOO nice!
We had our final B Study meeting/party this last week too and had a wonderful time grilling out!
Guys by the grilla meat picture-of course!

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