Monday, May 18, 2009

Road trip; San Antonio, here we come!

Here is a pic of our loaded car as we started out on Friday for San Antonio.
Our goal was to drive from Champaign/Urbana IL to Carbondayle/Marion IL and stop at the famous 17th Street Bar and Grill.

Jason and I had recently watched the Food Networks, Best rated places to eat(the BBQ one in praticular), rated by Bon Apetite magazine.

This restuarant was rated best BBQ ribs in the US! so we had to go try it, since it was only a little bit out of our way!

We were not dissapointed, the meat is tenderly smoked and then put over the fire and the award winning sauce was delicous, we would both highly recommend it!
(Note: the bbq sauce is more of a vinegar based sauce, I personally like the sweet and spicy kind more, but excellent none the less!)

we were hungryyyyyyyyy!Jason with his full rack of ribs!
I had the combination platter with baby back and beef ribs and pulled pork shoulder, shredded pork and chicken!
After yummy ribs, we drove the rest of the way to Forrest City, Arkansas(it was a good stopping point, nothing too interesting there...)

On Saturday we stopped at Ihop for lunch and we found these interesting looking geese chillin next to the building :)

Saturday we drove aobut 9hrs to make it to Austin, Texas where we stayed at a gorgeous hotel with a courtyard in the middle of the building!
and we got free cookies!
here is my week 27 pregnancy pic!
an action shot of Jason jumping on our beautifully made bed!
the courtyard
the next morning we stopped at a qaint little cafe for breakfast-thanks Elizabeth for the recommendation!

I had french toast with 'migas'-an omelette variety with verde sauce and other yummy ingredients!
Jason had apple-buckwheat pancakes!

On Sunday we only had an hour and a half to go...Getting things organized as soon as possible!

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