Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday we had our ultrasound and it was a truly amazing experience to see our little one move around and the little heart beating.

Yes, yes, I'll tell you the sex, just hang on :)
We are having a little girl!!
BUT PS. we are boycotting PINK! we don't want a lot of pink things, instead we prefer yellows, oranges, greens, reds and blues :)

The best thing of all is that she was super active and moved around a lot and all her measurements are normal-
Praise God!!
They also think our due date is off a little, they think it's closer to August 13th.

It almost looks like she is sucking her thumb here-so precious!

Here are a couple of our ultrasound pics, we are a little sad that we didn't get some of the cool pics of the ribs, but oh well :)

Profile and hand to the left side
They checked out all her fingers and toes-all accounted for :)

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