Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celebrating and sad toes!

After our ultrasound, we went out to Red Lobster to celebrate!
Here are some pics of us toasting :)

Jason played basketball on Friday morning and unfortunately had two people land on each of his big toes. It was rather painful last night, but a little better this morning- ouchie!
Me with our ultrasound pic, yah!
Here are two of the latest baby blankets that I sewed together, this one is from recycled T-shirts and the back is an old blanket.
More old T-shirts and PJ's and back is same blanket as above :)
I made oatmeal bread/rolls this morning and added a sugar glaze on top- very yummy!


TheFrazers said...

So do you know what you are having?

jchaas said...

we are having a little GIRL!
we are super excited :)
you are due VERY shortly?
I hope you are still feeling ok and somewhat comfy :)
excited for you too :) :) :)
keep us updated