Saturday, March 14, 2009

HALF WAY!! week 20

It's exciting to think that we are halfway to meeting our baby Haasie!
Here is me at week 20!

For the first time, I've noticed a more drastic weight gain and my stomach actually 'visually'(to me at least) getting larger. I've been feeling the baby move at night and sometimes briefly during the day.

(I made this baby blanket from a couple old shirts and a pair of Ma's old PJ's)(I went to a thrift store and got seven items for $2. 94-awesome!
I got these three for J- he really likes the packers and NASA)

This coming Friday, March 20th, we have our ultrasound and we hope to find out the gender.
I have a little 'tally' of votes/inclinations that people have voiced and so far it's tied at 8 votes, split evenly for both boy and girl, so we'll have to wait and see. Mostly, we are just thrilled to 'see' our little babe and see movement and that it's healthy.

(here are some of the other outfits I got at the thrift store-all neutral colors :)
I'm glad to report that I'm not feeling sick anymore, though I have started to crave 'sour patch kids' and 'Swedish fish'(no chocolate though :)

Currently, J is incredibly busy at work and school and we'd appreciate prayer for him that he can finish his semester strong and also that more of his papers would get accepted soon.

I'm working on putting a show together at my local church for the month of April, so I would appreciate prayer for that too.

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TheFrazers said...

You look beautiful! I can see your little baby bump and I am sure it feels much bigger to you. Isn't it a miracle!? Wondering if you are planning to find out the sex of the baby soon? We are just 5 1/2 weeks away from baby Frazer arriving. I love keeping up with your post!