Sunday, February 03, 2008

Underwater images

Jason just did a great job blogging some more about Curacao, so here are some of the underwater photos that were taken.
The first couple are of us swimming by the tugboat and then some of the fish we saw.

The sunken tugboat

a sole doing it's camouflage trick-they change colors-really spiffy!
one that is more yellow now and more visible
a sea snake that Craig and I saw and Craig tried to grab-it wasn't vicious-more scared and wanted to get away from us-this great picture Craig took-we all took turns taking photos, though Craig's were generally the best-yeah Craig!)
cool colored sea creatures
a large puffer fish with cool eyes
a different puffer fish-much smaller
huge schools of thousands of small fishies we swam thorugh
a cuttle fish- they are super fast and hard to see, since they can look almost transparent and also change their colors
a cool black and yellow fishy

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