Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ahhhh goals and exercise...

Well, for many of you this will not be an exciting post, but for some it might be relevant.
I'm posting about my goals in hopes that 1. it will help me keep them better(since I want to post about it weekly) and 2. that perhaps it will help/inspire someone else to do the same :)

I have come to the point where I am dangerously close(4lbs away) to the most I have ever weighed and that means that a large majority of my clothes are not really fitting anymore(sniff-sniff).
So, I am setting some new fitness and health goals to CHANGE my routine and lifestyle(no-this is NOT a new year's resolution :) (ok I had to add a picture-since no post is complete without pictures-this is in Curacao-for those of you who don't know me-I specifically gained most of my weight in my butt, love handles, thighs and middle-luckily my shirt and the way I am standing help disguise)

Currently I weigh(as of yesterday) a whole 16 lbs more than a year ago and that weight is about 8 lbs more than I weighed when we moved to IL in Aug 2005. That adds up to a grand total of 24 lbs that I have gained in 3 years-so as you can see, it is time for a change!
I hope to set one new challenge for myself each week for a total of 10 weeks and update my progress weekly.

(and here is a funny pic of Craig jumping into the pool-just because)Jason has helped me set a reward(yeah-I love rewards!)-a new dress for a fabulous wedding we are going to at the end of April. The goal is to lose just over 1 pound a week for 10 weeks.

(ok this is also from Curacao and we were all goofing off trying to take pictures of us jumping into the swimming pool-I look goofy)

This weeks goal-well ok, I have two for this week: keep a food diary and keep tract of calories go to the gym at least 3 times a week

(actually USE my gym membership-what a novel idea :)

Ok here are two more goofy pics of Jason also jumping into the pool :)
I promise to add newer pics of myself next time...

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