Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Week 29, baby H and new art

I've had some requests for a more accurate belly pic :)
so here is one with a more fitted tank!
This is week 29, and baby H should be measuring around 16 and a bit inches and just under
3 lbs!
I've been noticing more distinct cycles of sleep and awake times, she also seems to love being active at night or when Daddy talks to her :)
We tried to flashlight trick, where you put the light near your belly and see what they do.
She kicked it a couple times and then decided she had enough and moved away to the opposite side of my belly!

I've been trying to experiment and learn how to do abstract acrylic paintings, so here are some that I've been working on in various stages of completion.

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Althea Mulder said...

Hey ... great job with the blog background, I love the colours.
I hadn't realised that Baby Haasie was quite so tall already - she must be taking after her folks! lol...
Chantal, you look great. Wish I could be there to give baby H tummy rubs! You'll just have to give her some from her Oumie, ok?
Love you guys....