Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hiking, Friedrich Wilderness Park

This past Sunday we went hiking at the Friedrich Wilderness Park in San Antonio.

It was a nice, warm day, with the trees providing some refreshing shade.

some really interesting rock formations
action shot hiking :)
old stump
San Antonio sky
aloe looking plant?
interesting bark

Jason took this really lovely pics with the intense blue sky! great job!
Jason and I taking a break for a photo on top of some limestone
Just setting out-Michael, me and Jason-don't worry, the guys were very gracious and let me take lots of water breaks, especially when things got a little steep!Spot the lil bunny!
LizardSetting out
Michael and JasonWe were a little sad that we didn't get to see more wildlife, I guess we were talking too much.
I did get to see a 'roadrunner' but no:
(see list below)

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