Sunday, April 05, 2009

yay baby clothes and books!

This weekend my Pa and Ma came to visit, which was super fun and they also brought gifts from South Africa!
Here is a picture of my S African stash...note the adorable giraffe and elephant and all the cute outfits! We got really spoiled, thanks Granny and A. Di!

My Mom also had the shopping bug and got baby H. some more outfits-too cute, especially the green one!

My newest project is making alphabet cloth books, I plan to break the alphabet into 4-5 sections and sew letters and images on...stay is A-apple, B-ball...
The front cover is the blue heart with A, B, C on the front and then there is F for flower and I'm still working on E!
A praise-my art work has been installed at art gallery at the Vineyard Church for the month of April and I'm pretty excited!!! yay God!

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