Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pizza on the Bar-B!

Jason had the great idea of doing a pizza on the grill, so that's what we tried today.
He made up a tomato suace last night and let the spices and fresh basil soak overnight.
Here is me shaping the dough.
On the grill- we did meatballs on skewers.
The dough was finished remarkably quickly and it was super wonderful- crispy on the top and bottom, but soft and chewy in the inside- good job Jason!

it looks yummy too!toppings on and ready for the final turn on the grill
it's done!

I was also super excited to see our first little green tomatoes this morning!
finally, Jason bought me this wonderful, bright and gigantic lollipop!
it was so cute that I had to blog about it :)

wrapper off

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