Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More news!

As most of you who have come to visit J and I in our apartment already know, 550 sq feet for two people(one who has LOTS of art supplies and one who has MANY computer(s), electronic gear and equipment) it's not really that much room!

We decided to look for a new apartment that is still relatively close to school for Jason(within biking distance) and work for me and found one really good option.
We got to have a look at two remaining units toward the end of last week and praise God that we were able to get approved and accept one of the last units available.

We will be moving in to this new apartment at the end of July and are SO EXCITED!

Some of the new and very cool features of this apartment will be:

a garbage disposal- no more gross sinks with funny drains and plugs
a dishwasher!-my hands are going to be nice and soft again :)
a dining room area- we can finally have room to have a table without having to move our living room furniture first!
new kitchen laminate flooring- our old laminate flooring use to chip and break they are so old! gross!
double the amount of kitchen space and new appliances-no more plastic shelving systems!
a larger second bedroom-one that is actually big enough to have a bed in it- no more sleeping in the living room when you come to visit!! :)
an extra 385 sq feet of apartment-amazing!!

We praise God that he has provided this new 'diggs/cribb' for us and we can't wait to move in and enjoy all the above mentioned new blessings!

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qsogirl said...

yay!! congratulations
(and i would LOVE to help you move-- just let me know when!!)