Saturday, December 09, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone...
We hope it has been a great season so far :)
Jason and I are currently finishing up our semesters and have one more week of finals left!
Then we will be working and spending as much time with family and friends as we possibly can.
Here is our Christmas card, we are nice and warm and bundled up.
God bless and lots of love....

nksgiving Feast!!
Yummy foods all made expertly by Jason :)
apartment, but had This Thanksgiving my wonderful parents came to IL to celebrate with us, we were very cosy in our little apartment, but had a fabulous time together!
Here are some pictures of my parents, us and the feast!

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Anonymous said...

It's about time we heard from you guys:) Nice pictures. I had forgotten to ask what you did for Thanksgiving. It looks like you had a good time. Your parents are very cute all bundled up and reading in the garden. We are looking forward to the 19th. Hang in there. see you soon