Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yea for the blessing of grandparents and parents...

Hello Everybody!

Jason has been doing most of the updating, though I have been present and adding inputs on the side too. I wanted to add some more info about this past summer.

We had the privilege of having Granny(my Ma's mom) and Oupa and Ouma(my Pa's parents) come through this summer and spend the US summer holidays with us.(I think it's a pretty good deal, winter in ZA is summer here-the best of both worlds)

We were even so fortunate to have Pa, Oupa and Ouma come up to visit us in Illinois. Here are some pictures of us with Ouma, Oupa, Pa and me.(Jason is taking the picture) and another of the ol' folks walking the gardens. Pa, Ouma, Oupa and Jason did an amazing job weeding the garden! It was great I was so thankful!!

We also had a wonderful time braaing(grilling out) and enjoying the marvelous weather. Jason made the most yummiest of steaks and boerewors and it was just divine!! Thanks Dad for bringing the steaks...we had fun talking about the future and remembering lots of fond old memories too! Truly a spectacular time together.

Granny and Ma came through earlier for a weekend and we also had a blessed time together(our little apartment is too small to house everyone at one time). Here is a picture of the three generation of ladies.

A little later Granny joined Ma and Bev and myself for a girly day of shopping at Gurnee Mills to celebrate my 24th birthday!! Mom and I tired out Bev and Gran, but luckily they had many coffee stops, where they got to have coffee and snacks(lots of cheescake!!!) while we continued to shop and they rested. I had a wonderful time and we literally shopped till we all dropped and then shopped some more the next day!

Here are some pictures of us celebrating my birthday (celebrating with ice cream of course) and also a picture of the amazingly stunning jacket that Granny bought me (I am so spoiled and I absolutely love it!)

Needless to say we all enjoyed the time that we had together. Everyone is now safely back in South Africa, though please be praying for Granny's back, it has been painful lately, and she has been having treatments to strengthen it. Besides that everyone is glad to be back at 'home' and seeing all the loved ones that have not seen for a while.

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