Sunday, September 24, 2006

Allerton Park


Here are some pictures of when J and I went to Allerton gardens with Dad and Mom(Haas). Allerton gardens was originally home to a very wealthy Chicago millionare and art collector. He had beautiful gardens and manicured lawns, sculptures etc. Later he donated it to the state and it is now owned by the University of Illinois, and it is now a park where people can host conferences, weddings, picknicks and go for walks.

This first lovely picture is of Dad and Mom and there is also one of Jason and I later.

There was even an area with bright red flowers, where you could watch the humingbirds feed on the flowers.
(sorry I don't have a picture of that :()

It was a fun weekend, though we did get eaten by a few mosquitos when we went for a walk through the woods. We finished off the weekend with some yummy Indian Food, always a good way to end a weekend.

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