Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Alethea-isms at 6 months

Alethea is officially over 20lbs!
to be exact 20lbs 30 oz
and measures in at 27.75 inches...
both her height and weight are in the 97%
She is currently fighting a cold/virus but we hope she is over the worst...
She also has the go-ahead to start cereals and veggies and fruits!

I thought it would be fitting to add some Alethea-isms as a 6 month old


likes to: splash in the water at bath time and type on the computer keyboard, while Mommy tries to surf the web
sometimes:pushes up on her knees(getting ready to crawl), while pushing up on her arms and sometimes pulls herself up to standing while holding on to Mommies hands
has: lots of hair and a cowlick on the back of her head and two buttom teeth
can: waive the fist of her right hand, scoot around and give herself hiccups if I ignore her too long
wears: 18 M clothing, some of which are getting tight LOL
smiles: with her eyes, they get all crinkly, so CUTE!
wakes up: very happy with big smiles and immediately wants to touch my face and likes to touch Jason's goatee!


Ramona said...

yay alethea! she's doing great! mommy is definitely helping her grow! i hope she feels better soon!

Sherry said...

Ahhhh, baby love is so wonderful isn't it. Such a gift.

jchaas said...

thanks for the comments!
she is still a little sniffly, but I'm hoping she'll be all better soon.
R-I look forward to taking photos of you and the fam :)
S-yes, she is SUCH a blessing! I have to check out your blog again and see what you've been up to :)

Anonymous said...

She is just the cutest baby ever. It is so special to see her on skype too. Thanks, sugar lumpie.
Love you guys lots and lots

Anonymous said...

We had to catch up on how Alethea was doing. She is sooo... cute! We really miss her.
Your photography is fabulous and I love your button idea.
Take care. Aunt Kathryn and Athena