Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Snapshots- Shoe theme

A friend of mine mentioned a new crafting project she was starting, where one takes a photo each day for a year, kinda like a picture journal...

I felt inspired to do my own version of this project, by doing a theme each week.
I've realized that photography has become my new creative outlet, since it's much quicker and easier to 'pick back up' than painting. I hope to use this project to work on my skills as a photographer and keep myself 'sane' by having a quick daily creative outlet.

This week my theme was my life through SHOES
I love SHOE shots in wedding photography, so it was fun to play and practice some ideas...

This first one is kinda cheating, since it's my feet, but I thought it was fitting for JAN 1.
My new year's resolution to lose my pregnancy weight...I figure if I expose my current weight(GASP!), then I'd be more likely to actually lose the weight, so that I can re-post this shot after I DO lose the weight.(kinda before and after images)

JAN 1-FRIDAY-New Year's Resolution
Jan 2-Sat-lil A's first winter booties, hopefully she won't need any for next winter as we want to be somewhere nice and warm, or at least warmer than IL!JAN 3- Sun-lil A shoes
so cute and girly, only problem is she grows out of things so quickly
different lighting
JAN 4-Monday-back home!
my slippers, such a comfort! We are back at home from visiting WI for the holidays...these are sheepskin from South Africa, SO WARM and there are paint splatter on them. hee-hee
JAN 5-TUESDAY-Nat slippers
We had our friends, Joel and Natalie over for dinner and here is a shot of Nat's slippers
JAN 6- WEDNESDAY-big and small
these are my FAVORITE for this week, I took a photo of lil A's shoes and Jason's, kinda fun comparison
couldn't decide on just one, let me know which one you like best :)
JAN 7-THURSDAY-warm weather dreams
These are the shoes I'd LIKE to be wearing, but it's been snowing and is BITTERLY cold out...
JAN 8-FRIDAY-flats!
I LOVE flats and metallic, so these are the perfect everyday shoes for me...

JAN 9-SATURDAY-Joel and Nat winter urban photo shoot...
I had the privilege of taking photos of our friends today and it was FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE! My camera flash wasn't even working, because it was THAT cold!
They were VERY brave and stuck it out with me and I will post some more photos a bit later for you to see...but here is a shoe shot from the shoot. PS Nat mentioned that her shoes are from middle school!


qsogirl said...

i love this idea of choosing a theme for the week! your photos are beautiful, as always :) i can't wait to see your themes and photos for weeks to come!!

Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just added a lot of new emo backgrounds 2 my blog

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.