Friday, November 13, 2009

My brown/blue eyed girl!

You might be wondering what Alethea is up to these days?

She has been sleeping a bit better, which makes mommy happy!
also...she has also started to be very good at sucking her thumb(only occasionally sticking fingers up her nose or in her eyes..oi!), which she now prefers above the pacifier, also is reaching, grabbing, pushing up on her arms during tummy time and laughing(mostly at her toy hippos).

Since she was about a month old, she had one brown fleck in the inner most corner of her left eye..I"ve sorta been waiting for more changes, but so far, that's all...

I thought I'd take a photo and show you a close up of her eye

the rain jacket that I bought her for $7.99, too cute to resist

$3.99 dress for when she gets a bit older

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Anonymous said...

Looks like she has some serious growing to do! LOL ... her outfits are beautiful. We'll have to visit the shops again when I come, ok?
Love from Oumie