Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 36 pregnancy update!

Today was my ultrasound and I have an announcement to make:

"we have a chunker"

and I mean that in the best possible way...

wk 36, almost 37 pregnancy photoAccording to our ultra sound tech she is weighing in at:
7 lbs 4 ounces at the beginning of week 37.
We got to see part of her face, she still likes to keep her hands over her forehead. She is face down in a good birthing position, but I'm not dilated or thinned out yet. We got to see her tummy and the fat layers around her middle, hee-hee. The tech also said that she had big feet (I guess there is no doubt that she is Jason and mine :) and it was fun to see her swallowing and her fuzzy hair again too!I have two minor prayer requests:

1-my diastolic bld pressure is borderline high and I had some extra lab work done to check things out, please pray that it would be nothing serious.

2-our car has been having loads of issues and we had to have a bunch of work done on it, we are trying not to sink too much more money into it, since we plan on getting rid of it shortly after we return to IL, so please pray that it'll last us till we get back with the baby(mid-end August...then it can die or can continue to live on for someone else :)

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ellen said...

glad you & the fam are doing well! tell your mom I said hello. and thx for praying for my dad. and I'll be praying for your requests too. love ya!

Sherry said...

HI! How fun, I didn't know you had a blog! We have a blog too - (mylifeontheprairie.blogspot)And I see some other people I know have blogs that you follow as well. I love it! I'll pray for your blood pressure - mine went up at the end with Gabe as well and it went back down with a little bed rest. It didn't cause any problems, just had to wear an annoying blood pressure cuff all during labor. Hopefully all you need is a little more rest. Our car also died right before I had him - how funny (well, not really) anyways, I'll pray yours gets you back home okay!