Monday, July 06, 2009

week 34, pregnancy...

Hopefully less than 6 wks to GO!!

J and I at the San Antonio minor league baseball game, it was HOT!
We had a lovely fourth of July weekend, including lots of relaxing, grilling, swimming, fireworks and a baseball game.

J and some of the interns(from R to L):
Jason, Allen, Luke, Brooks, Ken
J celebrating being done with the contract workSTEAKS-was delicious!What is baby H up to this week?
At week 34, her liver is nearly fully developed and has started to process small amounts of waste. She is weighing in around 5lbs-5+lbs and could be as tall as 20 inches this week. Her fingernails have reached the tip of her fingers, good thing I brought a baby nail clipper with to San Antonio.
How is Mom doing?
I am getting more and more READY for her to come, though I definitely want her to hang in there for a couple more weeks. Sometimes it feels like she is settling into a head down position, although every once in a while I think she moves out of that position and definitely favors the right side of the uterus.-see photo :)- we think that bump is her little bottom!I will have another ultrasound in two and a bit weeks to confirm her position and get another estimate on her size and weight and probably get an estimate of when her delivery will be.

We are also getting really excited for Dad and Mom Haas to come and visit this week!!!

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