Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Wonders

Wonders and Patience...

I want to start with praising God for letting one of Jason's papers get accepted to a top tier conference!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer and we are both super excited!
The conference will be in Beijing in September 2009, but Jason will probably not be going since we will just be settling back into life with baby H and school in IL. Jason will also be getting ready to take his prelim exam around that time too.

J and I at Mustang Island State Park, Corpus Christi, TX
This week I am also very grateful for God's patience with me!

I feel like God has been using this time in TX to teach me more about trusting Him.
This week has been a hard one in the trust's amazing to me that I can KNOW with my heart that God is faithful, that He has(will) provide for us, while me mind can be so quick to wonder and doubt.

However, I have been amazed at how God has been encouraging me with examples of His provisions; here are just a few:

This past week I have been reading in 2 Kings:

3:1-20 , because king Joram, Jehoshaphat and Edom humbled themselves and inquired of the Lord, God provided the desert valley to be filled with water and He gave Moab over to them.

I love the imagery of a dry and parched valley filled with water, this reminds me again that God can do SO much more than we can hope or imagine...Eph 3: 20

4:1-7 The story of the widowed woman and her two sons with only a little oil left to live on and God provides, by filling every last container with oil for them, so that they could pay their debts and even have extra to live on.

4: 8-, The Shunammite woman who is given a son, even when she is old and when her son dies, God uses Elisha to bring him back from the dead.

awesome, isn't it!

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