Saturday, December 06, 2008

Miscellaneous - San Fransisco & Today

This is really two posts stuck together in one, but I don't have time to make two, sorry.

I never wrote about how my trip to San Fransisco and my poster presentation went. I presented a poster of our work at VANET 2008 (VehiculAr interNETworking). I had quite a number of people stop by, and I was busy for most of the poster session. Being my first presentation at a conference, I think things went pretty well. People seemed to be impressed with our work. If you're really dying to find out more about it, look at the paper version or the poster version.

The following day, I took BART to downtown San Fransisco and saw some of the sights. I went to the Ferry building and made myself some lunch, which you can see to the left. It was great. The grapes are concord grapes I got from the farmer's market that was going on at the time. I also had some really awesome guava and passion fruit gelato flavors. I climbed signal hill and took a lot of pictures. It was a fun day.


Today, I made French toast for Chantal. I went to the grocery store beforehand and saw these blackberries for about $3/lb. I couldn't resist. They really go great with home-made whipped cream on French toast. (I also wanted to try out my new camera lens with some foodie pics.)

I'm making a turkey today for our lab's Thanksgiving party.

It's going to be a busy weekend and time up until Christmas. I've had lots and lots of paper deadlines, proposal deadlines, report deadlines and a final to boot.

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qsogirl said...

what gorgeous photos!! the top one looks like something out of a magazine!!