Saturday, August 09, 2008

New Kitchen

Hey everyone, this is Jason blogging. We just had our friends Gino and Shannon over today and I took full advantage of our new, spacious, luxurious (read: has dishwasher, garbage disposal and more counter and cupboard space) kitchen. I too wanted to take advantage of the great peaches we enjoy here that we can get from the Urbana farmer's market.

Thus, I cycled down to the farmer's market this morning, as I usually do on Saturday mornings. I sought out peaches that were ripe and ready to use today, so I settled on peaches from the Sager farm. After cycling back home, I started in on making peach cobbler. This past week, I was looking for recipes and stumbled upon this one. I knew that was the one I wanted to try. After all, if someone on Food Network knows how to make peach cobbler, it has to be Paula Deen, right?

Anyway, I'd never made it before, so I hoped for the best and set to work. I was doubtful about the amount of batter, but after I poured it into the melted (molten?) butter, I saw it would be enough. Anyway, the results were pretty tasty and I'm sure to gain a few pounds this week unless someone can help me eat this stuff (Chantal doesn't do fruit in dessert really). The pre-final bake pic is above and the final product is below. Some French vanilla ice cream finished it off nicely. :)

All in all, I love our new kitchen, the dishwasher is a life saver and the counter space is so nice I'm still a bit in shock about it. All of you who visited us in our old apartment know what I'm talking about. :) I just hope I'll continue to have enough time for baking and cooking during the school year.

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