Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zebra rug fun...

For the last couple of years I've REALLY wanted to get a zebra rug(someday).
So, when I found this cream colored rug, I decided it was WAY too wonderful to pass up!
Here is how I created my own zebra rug.

This first pic is after I spray painted a black border around the edge.
Next, I loosely painted the stripes where I wanted them to go:
Finally, adding a little bit of cream color around the stripes for better definition(PS sorry the paint is still drying here, so it will eventually fade into the background).

yeah for zebra's
pretty much complete :)


qsogirl said...

wow, that is AWESOME!!!

Jess said...

Cool! I really like the white border around it too. It makes it really pop. Great job!