Saturday, May 03, 2008

Thankful for Saturday!

From left top, to bottom right.

Jason and me, Pa and Ma Mulder, Gideon and Lizelle and Neels and GlenysHere is a group photo of all of us who were able to meet at Ihop for Sunday breakfast after Elmarie and Jordan's wedding, during our weekend in Colorado.

Today I am thankful that Jason's semester is nearly over, only about a week left.
We are going to go out for a buffet after Jason takes one of his final exams this morning.
It has been a hugely busy and crazy semester, but Jason has worked incredibly hard and I am very proud of him :)

Every time I wash the dishes now, I praise God that soon we will have our VERY OWN(well while we live there) dishwasher-how totally awesome!
I am also thankful that our new laundry facilities will be right around the corner from our apartment and we won't have to drive to do laundry any more.
Amazing how little conveniences like that can mean SO much :)

I'm also thankful that in two more weeks, Lizelle will come to visit and J and I will have a whole week off from school and work!

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