Friday, January 11, 2008

Mango Madness...

J and I both got incredibly spoiled by our family and friends for Christmas- thanks everyone we feel so blessed!
there is one cool gift I'd like to expand on...(to benefit my fellow mango lovers!)

While Jason and I were in San Antonio this past summer I became a mango lover-
because mango's in Texas were both delicious and much cheaper than we can get in IL I ate them every chance I got.
one problem occurred though...they are difficult to cut
(read on below...)
SO- guess what we got for Christmas?!
Phil and Mary Lou gave us a....MANGO SPLITTER!
This little video is for anyone who has ever wondered if a mango splitter really works-enjoy
Thanks Phil and Mary Lou- this is for you!
OK-so I apologize that this is sideways...I just cannot get it to rotate-argh
and if I sound/look a bit dopey, I'm not good at having videos taken of me :)

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