Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gov Dodge State Park- Navies Camping Trip!

Hello Everyone,
This past weekend J and myself got to spend a fabulous(and FRIGID) 3 days with many of our 'old' Navigator friends from when we were in college. I have to mention that I wore three pairs of pants at night and pretty much all the clothes I brought with me, including thermal underwear :)- but still great since we didn't have nay mosquito's.

I also got to meet the three new additions to the group- baby Esther Spuler(above) and baby Jannah Brekke(the one I am carrying in the baby-backpack below) and baby Devin Igl(below, held by Daddy Igl).

Above is the group of us going on a hike, stunning scenery and great conversations.
We have (from L) Suzie and Erik Brekke, me and baby Jannah, Virginia and Fred Moore, Jason and Lisa, Adam and baby Devin Igl and in front, Eric and Heather Hruby.
We were also joined by the Selje and Spuler clan a little later that day and an evening visit by Aaron Hamill.

Ok... so who doesn't like a 'kissy' picture?! Aren't we all so cute(from L to R, Virginia and Fred Moore, Esther, Hannah and Scott Spuler, Jason and Moi and Eric and Heather Hruby.)
Doesn't J look like he was meant to hold babies? :) :) :)
Of course it helps that Esther is such a content and happy little girl.

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