Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back In Illinois

Jason here...

It's nice to be back in Illinois again. Texas was a ton of fun, but it's good to be back in our own place. School has resumed and work never really took a break. We're still trying to get stuff straightened out from moving. Slowly but surely...

I've been enjoying having all of our kitchen gadgets and utensils available to us. I took some time yesterday do make some bread. My first round was making foccatia, which the bread maker kneaded for me. After transplanting the dough to pans, letting it double, making the topping and finally baking. You can see the result to the right. It was quite good, though a little heavy on the oil. For the second round, I made some French bread, but in standard bread maker loaf form. Sorry, no pictures.

Yesterday evening we got together with Joel and Natalie at their place. It was great to see them and reconnect a bit after being away for the summer. Joel and I broke out the PS2 and played some Guitar Hero (left). I'm not very good, but it's a bit addicting.

I'm going to be playing ultimate today. I've missed that over the summer too. It's a perfect day here for it, sunny, not too warm, not much wind.

Bible study is starting for me this week. I'm eager to get into that again too. It's always much harder to do study without a group I find. We're starting a new book, Acts.

We're going to break out the grill this evening and do some kabobs. We're trying a marinade recipe from our South African "Bakgat Braai" cookbook. Having our own grill that isn't a couple buildings away is another nice thing to come back to.

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