Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Things that I'm grateful for here in TX...

Jason and I have been reading The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, an allegorical story of the Christian walk.
God's been showing me areas of my heart that needs to be softened and changed.
One of the things I've also been thinking about is all the things that God has blessed me with and that I need to not take them for granted, even the little things.

So, I've been thinking of things that I'm grateful for here in TX:

1.) God providing a great internship for Jason
2.) wonderful weather and opportunity to see a different part of the States with J.
3.) 50 cent Avocado's
4.) 88 cent Mango's (sometimes 44 cents!!!)
5.) the opportunity for me to try Lifeguarding(even though it makes me a little nervous and I have to trust God with it :)
6.) my job only being 5-8 minutes away from our apartment
7.) making new friends with the interns who work with Jason and live near us
8.) Boat-tailed-grackles (birds) that make the weirdest and most wonderful songs and sounds
9.) the treat of having a pool and hot tub within a couple of feet of where we live
10.) having family come and visit and stay with us!

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