Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Madison Visit

During the first weekend of our Spring Break, J and I headed up to WI to visit with the Haas's.
Here are some pictures with us out and about with the Haas's. They took us to Trader Joe's(a cool new shop in Madison and the Whole Foods store, where I just wanted to take pictures for painting of the beautiful and colorful fruits and veggies they have. We also went to a delicious Mexican Restaurant(that I would highly recommend!) called 'Abuelos' in Middleton.
I had a scrumptious shrimp and scallop meal with a white wine sauce over avocado stuffed crepes!

Mom and Dad

The group:

We also met up with Adam and Lisa to catch-up and celebrate all the exciting things happening in their lives!

As you are probably wondering what they are celebrating, I will tell you :)
Adam and Lisa are expecting their first baby, who will be due in July(7th I think).
They recently purchased, re-painted and moved in to their first home. Adam has a new job at Epic and Lisa will be graduating with her masters in May! Yea for them!
Here are some cute pictures.

The happy couple with ice cream and pie!

The little group at Hubbard Avenue Diner eating delicious mouth-watering pie!
I had peanut butter silk!

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